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Controlling our Border

A secure border is a hallmark of a sovereign nation. Our southern border is perhaps the greatest national security threat we face today.  Dr. Oliverson believes that a secure southern border must come before immigration reform, and supports the efforts of Texas’ leaders to secure the southern border.  To that end, he will vote to remove state funding from any municipality or law enforcement agency that refuses to enforce existing federal immigration law.

Protecting the Unborn

An unapologetic defender of life, Dr. Oliverson is staunchly opposed to abortion. As a physician, he has often said of the abortion issue ”We have learned so much more about embryology and human development since Roe v. Wade, and the doctor’s motto is ‘first, do no harm’…My concern is that today, medical ethics has not kept pace with medical knowledge when it comes to family planning.”  He is opposed to abortion in all cases, believing that all life is created innocent.  He also believes it is not appropriate to “prejudge” whether a life is worth living or not.

Promoting Free Markets

Dr. Oliverson is a staunch defender of free markets and low government regulation. As a small business owner and member of the Cy-Fair Chamber of Commerce, Dr. Oliverson believes that American prosperity comes through small business ownership and a spirit of volunteerism. He will fight to protect the free market from ever expanding government mandates and unelected bureaucracies.

Property Taxes

Taxes are too high in Harris County, and we need meaningful tax relief now. Dr. Oliverson supports automatic “roll backs” in property tax rates when revenues increase above preset levels.  He is also an advocate of the “fair tax” as a means of ultimately abolishing property taxes.

Economic Growth and Property Rights

Our area is booming.  The need for more public services including schools, roads and utilities is evident.  Dr. Oliverson will work with County and State officials to ensure that we have the infrastructure needed to keep pace with our growth.  At the same time, Dr. Oliverson is leery of depriving individuals of their property rights to accommodate this growth. In the event that property must be used for public purposes, he will work to ensure that the owners are compensated fairly.

2nd Amendment Rights

A staunch supporter of the Second Amendment, Dr. Oliverson is a firm believer in both campus carry and open carry in the State of Texas.  He often says, “gun-free zones promote tragedy rather than prevent it,” and “gun-free zones should be renamed ‘defenseless victim zones.’” Dr. Oliverson strongly believes in a citizen’s right to defend themselves and others, and will work to eliminate restrictions on where a law-abiding citizen may carry a firearm legally.   He will also oppose attempts by federal or state authorities to restrict the ownership of firearms through selective ammunition, magazine capacity, or so called “assault weapon bans.”

Education Reform

Dr. Oliverson believes that students today are the leaders of tomorrow and we must do everything in our power to ensure they receive the best education possible.  This includes empowering teachers to meet their students’ educational needs and by removing the focus on “teaching to the test.”  Additionally, Dr. Oliverson opposes Common Core in all forms and opposes using standardized testing as the sole means of evaluating teacher performance.  Finally, Dr. Oliverson believes that the right of parents to have choice in how their children are educated is God-given, and must be protected.

Religious Freedom

Dr. Oliverson is gravely concerned about attacks on closely held religious beliefs where they might be interpreted as “intolerant” by the popular culture.   He believes that “free speech” where it applies to religious teachings and matters of conscience is one of the original and most fundamental applications of the First Amendment.  He is very supportive of legislation to protect the rights of persons not to have their consciences violated in the public setting for fear of lawsuit or retribution.   He also supports the strengthening of “conscientious objector” protections in the workplace.


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