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About Tom

About Tom Oliverson

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Dr. Tom Oliverson is practicing anesthesiologist and a partner in US Anesthesia Partners, the largest anesthesiology group in Texas with over 1,100 anesthesia providers. A tireless advocate for patients and their safety, Dr. Oliverson is recognized as an expert in office-based anesthesia and consults with doctors and dentists throughout the state in order to make office surgery safer for patients. In recognition of his efforts to fight for conservative values, Dr. Oliverson and his wife were appointed to Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick’s Inaugural Committee.

In addition to his medical success, Dr. Oliverson is active in organized medicine through the Texas Society of Anesthesiologists. In 2013, Dr. Oliverson designed SB 978 and worked with legislators in Austin to pass it, meaning that patients would finally be protected from a dangerous loophole in Texas Medical Board regulation of physicians performing anesthesia in office-based settings.

An unapologetic defender of life and a small government conservative, Dr. Oliverson staunchly opposes abortion and advocates for free markets and limited government regulations. He is also active in many 2nd Amendment organizations, such as the National Rifle Association and Texas State Rifle Association. As a successful small business owner, Dr. Oliverson understands that small businesses are the engines of our economy, and this business experience taught him that American prosperity is best served through small business ownership and a spirit of volunteerism.

In his own life, Dr. Oliverson models this spirit of volunteerism by working with and supporting many community and charitable organizations such as Boy Scouts of America (Dr. Oliverson is an Eagle Scout), Family Life Ministries, and many more.

A grateful Christian, Dr. Oliverson accepted Christ as his Lord in February of 1990, and since that time, has walked many hills and valleys with his Lord. He has been a choir member, children’s Sunday school teacher, a lay youth leader, a youth Sunday school teacher, a small group/bible study leader, and more recently, an adult Sunday school teacher. Dr. Oliverson and his wife Jennifer, a certified teacher, are active members of Jersey Village Baptist Church and live in Cypress where they raise and home school their three children.


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